Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Youth Stage

As per up to date photo of this yellow chick, now is considered in
youth stage, see how he stands firmly and straight with his wings nicely put vertically covering his legs. He can be trained to join competition for coming months.....

Monday, May 25, 2009

Yellow Chick got future?

How is this young chick future? By looking at his bodyshape, it does has "wow" factor in serama world. But most importantly, competition serama need to be able to perform on the table. It is heard that not all serama can perform and only some good bloodline chick that developed by the breeders are able to. Will show how high points will be given to competition serama when I have the pictures.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finding Serama Chick

In order to find a real show off Serama chick, I had to travel to K.T with friend to get one. I have been informed and told that current trend of show off bird bloodline breeders putting a lot of effort in cross breeding and inbreeding to find a complete serama in the aspect of beautiful body and show off quality. It is worth to visit there as you can see many breeders have their own bloodline to show off . Truth to my opinion, i managed to see some of those top class chick as the photo shown. Those chicks are inherited in good bloodline of show off quality and bodyshape. I like Yellow coated Serama than others eventhought it is heard that "fighting cock" color is more sought. These 2 serama chicks as photo shown are the Champ bloodlines that most enthusiasts are looking for. They are the front runners in local showbird competition and have won many many trophies and make their owner proud of them.